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Dienstag, 05.10.2021

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

Today we celebrate our wonderful educators all around the globe. Especially since the outbreak of the pandemic it has become clear that teachers play…

Mittwoch, 11.08.2021

Webinar: Global Citizenship and Multilingual Competences

We are proud and excited to invite all of you to our webinar on September 15th at 4pm.

Samstag, 31.07.2021

New paper published!

We are proud to announce that our paper “Being a student, becoming a teacher: The wellbeing of pre-service language teachers in Austria and the UK“…

Donnerstag, 15.07.2021

Language Teacher Wellbeing closing webinar

Thank you for your participation!

Montag, 28.06.2021

Book chapter: Understanding the ecology of foreign language teacher wellbeing

We are delighted to announce that our book chapter entitled “Understanding the ecology of foreign language teacher wellbeing“ is out now! We would…

Freitag, 25.06.2021

New publication: Language teacher perspectives on stress and coping

Abstract Every person's response to adversity is unique. Whereas some come out stronger as a result of responding to a challenge, others find their…

Mittwoch, 23.06.2021

FWF closing event webinar

Dear Colleagues,  Since our FWF-funded project "The psychological capital of foreign language teachers" is coming to an end in October, we would like…

Dienstag, 22.06.2021

Mehrsprachigkeit in der Schule

Online-Fragestunde mit Melisa Erkurt Am 17.6. beantwortete die Journalistin und Autorin Melisa Erkurt („Generation Haram: warum Schule lernen muss,…

Mittwoch, 16.06.2021

New Publication: Learning to do Written Corrective Feedback

Ulla Fürstenberg and Elke Beder-Hubmann have published a new article about their Language Testing & Assessment buddy project called “Learning to do…

Dienstag, 15.06.2021

New podcast on teacher wellbeing

How healthy are our teachers? Astrid Mairitsch and Sonja Babic describe their findings in a new episode of the "HörSaal" podcast.

Donnerstag, 10.06.2021

Online-Fragestunde mit Melisa Erkurt

Am 17.06.2021, 17.00-18.30 Uhr, veranstaltet der Fachbereich Englische Fachdidaktik eine Online-Fragestunde mit der Journalistin und Autorin Melisa…

Dienstag, 01.06.2021

Guest Lecture: The What, Why and How of School and Student Wellbeing

Reminder: Please do not forget to register!

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