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Guest Lecture: A Sociocultural Analysis of Professional Development Activities by English Lecturers in Vietnam

Dienstag, 24.05.2022

Join our upcoming in-person Guest Lecture by Prof. Huong Le on "A Sociocultural Analysis of Professional Development Activities by English Lecturers in Vietnam" on Thursday, the 9th of June, 6 p.m. CET at SR 11.11.


This study adopted sociocultural theory to explore professional development activities by English lecturers from tertiary institutions in Vietnam. In-depth interviews with twenty English lecturers of various backgrounds and years of teaching were carried out. The preliminary analysis indicates that professional development was realized via self-regulated, other-regulated and object-regulated activities. In general, most of the lecturers reported to be both constrained and facilitated with the learning, teaching and researching activities at the institutions. Despite the workload and limited registered databases, they claimed to make use of what was offered by the universities and the country for life long learning. Among the affordances, attending seminars, workshops and conferences was reported to be the most employed. For professional development activities done with others, the English lecturers appreciated co-researching with colleagues, especially the senior and more experienced ones for internalized knowledge and reseach skills. The younger lecturers however tended to develop their teaching practice when given opportunities co-teach with senior lecturers. They also reported to to attend training courses to grow professional knowledge, teaching skills and confidence. In comparison, the older ones had the tendency to practise self-directed activities, conducting research and offer assistance to colleagues. For object-regulated activities, the interviewed lecturers claimed to make use of the material resources ranging from books, journals, social media groups to workshops to obtain ideas and solve problems related to their teaching and learning rather than research work.

Date: Thursday, the 9th of June
Time: 6 p.m. CET
Venue: SR 11.11

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