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IATEFL Harrogate

Dienstag, 18.04.2023

Part of our team is currently at the IATEFL Harrogate conference!

We are happy to report that the IATEFL Harrogate conference is off to a great start! Sarah Mercer, Jennifer Schumm, Ulla Fürstenberg, Heidrun Lang-Heran, Astrid Mairitsch, Katharina Platzer and Christina Egger are representing our department at the conference. They will present their research findings in the next few days and will cover the following topics: Self-directed professional development and wellbeing, teaching embarrassed teenagers to speak the foreign language sustainably, integrating global skills teaching into regular EFL lessons, giving back to the ELT profession, supporting professional pride in EFL teachers and global English in the ELT classroom.

We will update you with more information soon!

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