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International Conference PLL2014

Donnerstag, 29.05.2014


The international conference “Matters of the Mind: Psychology and Language Learning” took place at the end of May and brought together around 250 scholars from across the globe. The conference was the first of its kind in connecting various social and educational psychological issues surrounding the process of learning a foreign language. The conference programme was composed of six plenary talks given by leading scholars in the field and it also included a series of symposia and workshops led by various experts as well as many posters and up to ten parallel presentation sessions. The conference was also a wonderful opportunity for participants to connect with each other and generate ideas for future research projects and cooperation. Indeed, the event was deemed so successful by all who attended that there are already calls for “Matters of the Mind – PLL” number two. Watch this space!


Thank you for taking part in our conference! Best wishes, the PLL Team


Further information: http://www.unifdz.at/pll2014/

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