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Online Guest Lecture by Kata Csizér

Dienstag, 07.12.2021

Join the online Guest Lecture by one of our guest professors Prof. Kata Csizér on "The multi-perspective investigation of foreign language learning processes" on 14th of December, 5 p.m. CET

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities together with the Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts of Adam Mickiewicz University in Kalisz have the honor to invite you to the second lecture in the “IAS Invited Lecture Series in Issues in Second Language Learning and Teaching”

prof. Kata Csizér (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary)
Title: The multi-perspective investigation of foreign language learning processes
Date: 14th of December 2021
Time: 5 p.m. CET
Venue: MS Teams

Abstract: The investigation of foreign language learning processes is important in contexts in which the modernization of language education is a current issue (Öveges & Csizér, 2018). One key focus in these processes is the role of various individual differences and their joint effects on learning outcomes (Dörnyei & Ushioda, 2021; Ryan, 2019). In order to investigate these effects, the aim of this talk is to present the results of a large-scale nationwide study mapping students’ individual differences as well as teachers’ views on the role of these differences. First, I set the scene by introducing the individual differences under investigation focusing on contextual information: L2 motivation, autonomy, emotions and self-efficacy. Second, I detail the results of cluster analyses describing the interplay of individual difference variables from students’ perspectives. These perspectives are juxtaposed with teachers’ views identified on the basis of data collected through semi-structured interviews. The main results show how students’ dispositions towards individual differences variables differ from teachers’ perceptions in terms of both breadth and depth. These results highlight the overall importance of awareness raising in both pre- and in-service teacher training as well as the explicit training of language learners. Future research studies should include more in-depth classroom data collections, longitudinal investigations of processes, and comparative analyses across various contexts.

If you are interested in participating in the lecture, register here by 12th December 2021 (we will send you a link to the meeting after this date): https://forms.office.com/r/fa1mCGNund 

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