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Guest Lecture/Workshop: "Controversial Topics in Language Education: How to Address Gender and Sexuality in Class?" by Kornél Farkas, PhD

Freitag, 24.03.2023

Workshop details

  • The workshop is designed for students, pre-service and in-service language teachers, and teacher educators in TEFL/TESOL.
  • It focuses on real-life examples of language teachers dealing with gender and sexuality topics in different classroom contexts, and offers teaching ideas, tasks, and materials to promote good practice.
  • It is discussion-centered and rich in hands-on activities

Workshop objectives

  • Exchange ideas in a thought-provoking field of education.
  • Gain experience through sample tasks based on literary texts, visual organisers, and pair or group work.
  • Learn about Classroom Discourse Analysis, Critical Pedagogy, Task-based Learning and Teaching, and other innovative approaches.

Workshop schedule

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