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Teacher Talk: Getting started at (N)MS

Mittwoch, 05.01.2022

Are you (soon going to be) in your first year of teaching and highly nervous? Don't worry, we’ve all been there! This teacher talk aims at giving you an insight into what it means to be a "JunglehrerIn" and will tackle issues such as the "Induktionsphase", mentorship and life-saving tips for teachers at MS.

Join our next Teacher Talk with Nico Strunz and Corina Röck on "Getting started at (N)MS". The event takes place on Tuesday, 11th January, 5 p.m., online.

Nico Strunz teaches English at an MS and is a student in the teaching degree Master's program.

Corina Röck studied English and Art (teaching degree) and pedagogy (diploma) and is an English teacher at an MS.

Please find the link herehttps://unigraz.webex.com/unigraz/j.php?MTID=m586d8ab56334a617b561866af584faf6

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