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Teacher Talk: Immersive Language and Culture Trips

Dienstag, 17.11.2020

In a world where students have ever increasing access to authentic English materials, the English class trip abroad might seem expendable. However, these can be an incredibly rich linguistic and cultural experience for young adults.

In her Teacher Talk, Claire Cumming Herrero will be discussing how she designs immersive language courses which give learners the opportunity to use real English in context, while also helping them on their journey to becoming global citizens.

Claire Cumming Herrero has worked in the EFL industry for 15 years. She has experience in EFL and ESOL areas, as well as being a Cambridge speaking examiner. She has taught levels from literacy to proficiency, children to life-long learners, school groups, and teacher training, specialising in CLIL. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, she has also added online teaching to her skill set.  A passionate educator, she decided to open her own school in 2014, The Edinburgh Experience. Its goal is to re-engage students with the joy of learning a foreign language through experiencing its culture. 

This Teacher Talk will take place on Thursday, 26 November, 17:00-18:00, online.

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Meeting ID: 1216232979

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