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ELT Connect

The Sprachausbildung of the English Department of the University of Graz and the Department of Fachdidaktik would like to invite you to take part in the fifth ELT Connect symposium. For this event, we plan to focus on digital literacies. We will run a series of practical workshops covering various aspects from both the teacher and learner perspectives. Participants will be provided with ideas and materials, and there will be opportunities to network with colleagues from diverse educational settings.

There will be an introductory lecture by Ineke Mennen. This will be followed by practical workshops including active discussions and materials for classroom use. The day will be rounded off by a closing lecture held by Sarah Mercer.

Topics covered:

  • Phonological Literacy
  • Textual Literacy
  • Pragmatic Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • Research Literacy
  • Emotional and Interpersonal Literacy


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