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ELT Connect

ELT Connect 2017

The Sprachausbildung at the English Department of the University of Graz and the Department of Fachdidaktik would like to invite you to take part in the fifth ELT Connect Symposium. On this day we plan to focus on voices from the EFL classroom. We will run a series of practical workshops covering various aspects from both the teacher and learner perspective. Participants will be provided with ideas and materials, and there will be opportunities to network with colleagues from diverse educational settings.


There will be an introductory lecture by Prof. Annemarie Peltzer-Karpf. This will be followed by practical workshops including active discussions and materials for classroom use. The day will be rounded off by a closing lecture held by Achilleas Kostoulas, PhD.

Topics covered:

  • Textbooks
  • Noticing and Activating
  • Corpora
  • Testing
  • Critical Thinking
  • CLIL
  • Literature in the Classroom
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Pedagogy and the Psychology of Language Teaching and Learning





Introductory Lecture: Developing a Creative Mindset for Foreign Languages (Annemarie Peltzer-Karpf)

Workshop A1: Corpora in ELT (Hannes Fromm & Margit Reitbauer) Handout

Workshop B1: From Noticing to Active Language Production (Anja Burkert & Martina Elicker & Ulla    Fürstenberg)

Workshop A2: Course Book or No Course Book? Is this Really the Question? (Nancy Campbell & Jennifer Schumm)

Workshop B2: From Straightforward to Systematic - Testing Speaking Skills at B Levels (Andreas Kaplan) Handout

Workshop A3: See Your Own Bubble: Developing Critical Thinking Skills in EFL Learners (Michael Phillips & Nicholas Scott)

Workshop B3: Adapting & Designing Materials for CLIL (Anita Lämmerer & Achilleas Kostoulas) Handout

Workshop A4: Literature and the Language Classroom: Literary Reactions to the Phenomena 'Trump' and 'Brexit' (Johannes Wally)

Workshop B4: ERIC Raising Intercultural Awareness (Elisabeth Pölzleitner & Jennifer Schumm)

Closing Session: Repositioning English Language Teaching: From Disconnectedness to Connections? (Achilleas Kostoulas)

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