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Cooperation with the Bischöflichen Campus Augustinum

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Team members (left to right)

Dir. Mag. Renate Höck, Mag. Astrid Mairitsch, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sarah Mercer, Mag. Thomas Heine, Désirée Bauer, BEd, MMag. Dietmar Theußl, Mag. Katharina Kern

As of October 2021, the University of Graz is proud to announce an official cooperation between the ELT Research and Methodology Department, headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sarah Mercer, and the Bischöflichen Campus Augustinum, represented by the Campus Director Mag. Peter Jirak and the headteacher Dir. Mag. Renate Höck. Through this close and cooperative partnership, we aim to promote school practice with scientific research, as well as to be able to use each other’s potential and to build up a cross-institutional teaching and research practice. 

In the ongoing self-regulation project, the team of the University of Graz and the Campus Augustinum are jointly researching the self-regulation processes of students and aim to support them in their independent and active learning through scientifically based interventions, in order to provide them with the best possible preparation for a lifelong learning process.

For further information and questions please contact
sarah.mercer@uni-graz.at  or astrid.mairitsch@uni-graz.at 

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