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Teacher Talk: IKMplus – a COMPULSORY quality testing tool

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

The next teacher talk held by Ms Lang-Heran takes place on 21st October, 18.00, on “IKMplus – a compulsory quality testing tool in the Austrian educational system”. The event will be online.

The Austrian Ministry of Education is introducing IKMplus, a compulsory quality testing tool that will test the English language abilities of 13- AND 14-year-olds on a yearly basis. After three years of data collection the school will get a quality report in which the outcome of all the tests performed will be depicted.

What does that mean for Austrian English teachers in NMS and AHS? This teacher talks is intended to inform and pose questions relevant for English language teachers.

Mag. Heidrun Lang-Heran is an English teacher and ELT lecturer. Projects and main areas of interest: Bundeslandkoordinatorin für Englisch AHS; Projektarbeit am bmbwf an Kompetenzraster und Lehrplan SekI Englisch; Lehrbuchbegutachterin für das bmbwf; Mitarbeit an der Fortbildungsreihe Umsetzung des Pädagogikpaket an der PH Steiermark.

The teacher talk takes place on Thursday, 21st October, 18.00, online.

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