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Anita Lämmerer

Current Functions and Responsibilities

  • Teaching staff at the Department of English Studies, Section ELT Research and Methodology, Graz University
  • Courses in summer term 2023: PS Language Education for Specific Contexts
  • AHS teacher for English and History at BRG Petersgasse, Graz
  • Coordinator of CLIL / English across the curriculum at BRG Petersgasse
  • Guest lecturer at the PH Styria
  • Coordinator for the school-university partnership project “Putting CLIL into Practice”

Projects and Main Areas of Interest

  • CLIL and English as a medium of instruction in secondary schools
  • Language Learning and Language Teacher Psychology (e.g. motivation, identities, attitudes, resilience, teacher well-being)
  • pursuing a PhD in the field of CLIL teacher education
Institute of English Studies

ELT Research and Methodology

Liebiggasse 9/HP
8010 Graz

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