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Sarah Mercer

Current Functions and Responsibilities

  • Head of ELT at the University of Graz
  • Head of the Fachdidaktik Research Network at the University of Graz
  • Head of the Doctorate Programme for language teaching research.
  • Staff member in the English Department
  • Joint coordinator of IATEFL’s Research SIG.
  • Member of Oxford University Press ELT Expert Panel
  • Courses in SS 2023: MA SE Current Developments in the Research of Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, MA SE Researching Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, VU Spezielle Methodik 3: Fächerübergreifend (Developing skills in language and sports), DQ Doktoratskolloquium für Fremdsprachendidaktik und Sprachlehrforschung.




  • Venia Legendi: Sprachlehr- und lernforschung und Fachdidaktik (Applied Linguistics), University of Graz.


  • Ph.D in Applied Linguistics, Lancaster University. Master of Arts. MA (Hons) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, University of Reading
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology, Roehampton University
  • Bachelor of Arts. BA (Hons) in European Studies (French, German & politics), Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • Master of Arts. MA (Hons) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Other qualifications:

  • Certificate in TESOL from Trinity College
  • Certificate in Information Technology Skills from the University of London

Projects and Main Areas of Interest

I am interested in all aspects of language learning psychology (teacher and learner perspectives), in particular self-related constructs, motivation, strategies, agency, affect, attributions, and belief systems. In my research, I prefer to employ qualitatively-oriented approaches and Grounded Theory forms of analysis. I have a special interest in considering aspects of language learner and teacher psychology from the perspective of dynamic systems theory. My current research explores teacher psychology, trainee teacher identity development, socio-emotional intelligence, wellbeing, positive language education as well as interdisciplinary approaches to self.

Additional information

I am a member of the following professional organisations: AAAL, BAAL, IAPLL, IATEFL, ILASP, ÖGSD, TESOL & VERBAL.

I served for many years as a committee member for the IATEFL Research Special Interest Group and the AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy.

I am a regular reviewer for several international journals.

I have teaching experience in the private and public sectors in secondary, tertiary and further education contexts in UK, Germany and Austria.

I have presented at conferences and workshops throughout Europe and in the United States.

I am an invited member of Oxford University Press' Expert Advisory Panel. This is a core group of selected experts from across the field of ELT who work together in writing a number of 'Perspective Papers' for OUP on a range of contemporary topics in the field and also provide OUP with expert advice as required.

I am a joint series editor together with Stephen Ryan for Multilingual Matters' book series, ‘Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching’.

Selected publications

(See Performance Record on UGO for full list)

  • Mercer, S. (2003). The role of self-revelation in strategy training for the teaching of reading. Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 28 (2): 329 - 348.
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Institute of English Studies

ELT Research and Methodology

Liebiggasse 9/HP

Office hour: by appointment

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