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Studying & Teaching

The section "ELT-Research and Methodology" offers the modules “ENE Introduction to Foreign Language Didactics”, “ENF Advanced Language Teaching Skills” and “ENG Language Teaching in Context”  for Students of the Bachelor Programme for Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (General Education) and the modules “ENN Research in Foreign Language Teaching” and “ENQ Pädagogisch-Praktische Studien Master: Englisch” for students of the Master Programme. They form an important part of the programme and aim to devolop the future teachers' awareness, knowledge and competence in the teaching of English as a foreign language. In all our courses students are trained to reflect about their own language learning experiences as well as possible methods they might use as language teachers. We use the EPOSTL to guide these reflections and thus help students to make conscious, informed decisions about appropriate teaching methods for different situations and target groups.

Some staff members also teach in secondary schools in Graz and thus combine theory with practice. By letting the future teacher generation participate in their experiences, successes and problems they hope to bring the school classroom into the university lecture hall.

ELT Research and Methodology

Univ.-Prof. Sarah Mercer BA MA MSc PhD

Liebiggasse 9/HP
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8190

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